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Stan's eBooks

Acer’s Experience and Taiwan’s Electronics Industry

  - The Reminiscences of Stan Shih (2018)



Chapter 1. 1960-1980: The Birth of Acer
Chapter 2. The 1990s: Challenge of Globalization
Chapter 3. 2000-2010: Committed to Brand Development
Chapter 4. After 2010: Transformation of the Cloud Age
Chapter 5. Thoughts on the Future of Taiwan Industry: Stan’s Views
Appendix. Theory and Reality:
    Analysis of Acer’s Business Management Model



Wangdao for New Era (2015)



Based on 40 years of corporate leadership, Mr. Shih has developed the Wangdao management system. This book helps the reader rise above existing ways of thinking and pave the way to leadership success in an organization. It is the discipline for extraordinary leaders of the new era.


If the corporate management model of the west is a method, then, Wangdao is an ambicultural method that melds both eastern and western thought. This world needs a new business strategy that lets everyone co-create value and break down the dominating thoughts of “winner-take-all” and “the rich and poor imbalance.”


This book elucidates the altruistic methodology of value co-creation evaluated based on Mr. Shih’s hexa-aspect value general theory. In addition, it includes tips for breakthrough leaders to innovate, grow, succeed and stay competitive in a dynamic environment.



The Challenge of Asia's Stranded Tiger (2016)



This book explores various issues in Taiwan; and examine for new breakthrough concepts and beliefs in different levels and territories (personal, society, government, corporations…etc.) How should the younger generation tackle various issues and solve different problems? It also encourages the younger generation to break through the hurdles and create their own value.


Mr. Shih summarizes forty years of his lifetime experience and shares 31 breakthrough key thoughts in a colloquial tone with the younger generation, with a hope for a better future for Taiwan.



Smile and Beat Your Own Path (2012)



This book was first written and completed in Chinese in 2012, eight years after Stan’s retirement from Acer.  Compared to the previous two English books, “Me too is not my style” in 1996, and “Millennium Transformation” in 2004, both aimed to share lessons and experiences in running an enterprise, the new book extends beyond industry and business management matters to include his life and business philosophy, and his values.


Stan wrote this book with the sustainability of Taiwan’s competitiveness in mind and hence with a “Taiwan perspective”.  He hopes it will be a good reference to those who care about Taiwan’s future development, or who are at a similar stage of development or background as Taiwan, or are in the process of partnering with Taiwan companies.


Stan Shih’s Smiling Curve” has been published for twenty years since Stan proposed the perspective in 1992.  The applications expand across wide-ranging fields.  It has proven to be useful for analyzing particular ecosystems in different industries to identify ways to create business models that offer the highest value.  It is valuable for understanding business progress and strategic choices to establish the long-term development strategy of an industry or enterprise.



Millennium Transformation (2004)



Written in 2004, “Millennium Transformation” documented the key turning-points of Acer from 1996 to 2004. A major focus is on 2000, when the author instigated the company’s second re-engineering by splitting the manufacturing/research and branding/service businesses. The author shares his experiences, through the principles of “Change Management”, and explains the background of the transition, as well as the processes of decision-making.


This book illustrated, in the Second Re-engineering, how Acer adjusted the organization and re-distributed company resources, based on three main principles: Simple, Focused, and Forward-Looking. Many important subjects of business operation are investigated in-depth, including The Brand-Value Formula, Acer Value Labs, MegaMicro e-Enabling Service, Human Resources Development, Corporate Culture, Finance Management, and Corporate Governance. Meanwhile, the well-known “Stan Shih’s Smiling Curve”was further explored.



Me too is not my style (1996)



Written in 1996, “Me too is not my style” recorded the process of development and many critical moments during the first twenty years of Acer, especially a corporate re-engineering movement initiated by the author in 1992. After the re-engineering, Acer once again operated with high effectiveness and competitiveness. To celebrate Acer’s 20th anniversary, Stan documented all these transition stories. He first published his concept of the “Smiling Curve” and many other new perspectives in this book.


The author would like to give the readers a complete image of the development of Taiwan high-tech industry, which went from nothing to playing a critical role in the global ICT supply chain. Meanwhile, the Acer Group, a well-known enterprise in Taiwan, continuously conquered its difficulties and created value to meet the dynamic change of the worldwide markets.